Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Entry 02

Hi guys~!!!

Yeah. I know. I said I would update every Sunday but hey, I'm busy too. But I will apologize for not keeping you all updated as I promised I would! SORRY!!!!

Well enough with the apologies.

Did you guys have fun at last week's meeting? Week 1 that is!

It was long but remember that we were just showing who we were. IQ is meant to fit your needs and that was the message we were trying to convey to you guys in our first meeting. I'm glad that a lot of you guys came out for that!!!

After our introductions, we played telephone charades. And whew, did it get crazy! People came up with the most interesting things when we were playing. I hope everyone had fun though. The laughter at the end told me you guys did!

We always have an after event at Cha For Tea which I know is pretty late for many of you but I hope you guys come to some of them in the near future after meetings! For those who did go, thank you for coming!

This week's meeting was... SPEED FRIENDING!

Speed friending is like speed dating without the obligation to go on a date with anyone (well, that's all up to you  that is). And I hope you guys made friends from that!

Yeah, I know. The blurb is pretty short for now but please enjoy it!

Soon I will be post upcoming events that were mentioned in the meeting so look out for that!

Best regards,

Jasmin Guevarra: Publicity Chair 2011-2012

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