Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 4 Meeting: 4/24


This is Adam, your new publicity chair for the 2012-2013 school year! Wooooo! I am taking over for Anaiz and hopefully this transition is not troublesome to our followers.
Onto announcements!

Pink Kitty!This Thursday, April 26th Irvine Queers will be heading over to Pink Kitty, the only sex shop in Irvine. The store owner will give a brief workshop/presentation and we will spend some time browsing/shopping. There will also be a 20% discount to those that go with Irvine Queers! If you need a ride meet at the flagpoles at 5:30 pm. Click here to find the facebook event.

Drag Show!Interested in performing in, giving ideas to, or just having some association with Irvine Queers’ 4th annual Drag Show? Then you should definitely come to the meeting today and every Wednesday held in SST 220B at 7:00 pm…which is roughly an hour away. Hope to see you there!

AV Pride!
The Arollo Vista housing community will be hosting a Pride event next Friday May 4th! It will go from 5:00-7:00 pm. Go support!

So I think those are all the announcements for this week. If I missed any of them, send me a message and I will add it.

Your new Publicity chair,


Congratulations to everyone who made it on next year's board!

Your board for 2012-2013 is as follows:

Chairs: Justin and Anaiz
Secretary: James
Treasurer: Jordan
Historian: Jeff
Publicity: Adam

Starting today Adam and I will both be updating the blogs. Eventually I will stop posting and he will take over.


Anaiz :)
Fundraising and Publicity Chair

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/17 Update

Good night!

Tonight we watched Genderf*kation as part of the LGBT Resource Center's Pride Week event for Monday. Today was also the last day to nominate someone. At the beginning of today's meeting we decided the final nominees. Up for Chair we have Justin and Anaiz. For Secretary there is James. For Historian we have Jeff. Jordan is up for Treasurer and lastly we have Adam and Venus running for Publicity. Attend next meeting to vote!


  • Day of Silence is this Friday. If you would like to participate, the LGBT Resource Center will be giving out buttons and info cards. Remember you do not need to be silent to participate. We do ask that you wear red in solidarity! The Breaking the Silence party will be at Phoenix Grill later that night at 9PM. Attend Second Chance Prom this Friday!! All these events are part of Pride Week. Check out the other events this week at Pride Week
  • This Friday there will be a fundraiser at Tacos N' Co. If you are to attend please remember to take the following flyer.
  • There's another fundraiser going on this week! This Thursday drop by to our Queer Wardrobe! Buy clothing for $1, $2, and $3. We will be in front of the Student Services building, across from the stairs leading up to the LGBT Resource Center. 
  • Today there will be a Drag Show Committee meeting. If you are interested in performing in the show attend the meeting. If you are interested but don't know what to perform we encourage you to come. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in SST 220B. 
  • TAG TEAM will also be meeting tomorrow. Meetings begin at 5:00 in the LGBT Resource Center.
Have a great night! Hope to see you at Pride Week events :)

Funraising and Publicity

Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcome Back 4/3 Update


I hope your first week has been great or at least ok.
This past Tuesday we gathered in Newport Beach A. We had several fun activities. Some of us learned about cars, others about fruits, heck we even learned about some tasty beverages.


  • Come join the committee that plans our annual drag show. If you saw something problematic in last year's show that you would like to change we encourage you to join. Ideas are welcomed. Meetings will be every Wednesday at 7PM in SST 220.
  • Isabel Bogarin needs volunteers for a photography project in which she will be focusing on the LGBTQIA community, along with labels and identity. She will be taking 3 portraits of each person. Each image will be submitted to Catalyst Gallery so she can host her first solo gallery showing. She needs at least 13 volunteers.  If interested please contact her. (
  • Delta Lambda Phi has begun recruiting. DLP is a greek fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive  men. They have events going on throughout this week and week 2. To find out more about their events, head on over to their facebook (Delta Lambda Phi)
  • Elections for ASUCI are around the corner. Tonight we had the pleasure of having the following candidates speak to us regarding their campaign: Traci Ishigo for President, Andrea Gaspar for Executive Vice President, Jessica Phan for Vice President of Student Services and, Neil Bautista for Vice President of Academic Affairs. Found below are links to the tumblr (that I was able to find) and their candidate info.
             Traci Ishigo           tumblr: Traci4President
             Andrea Gaspar      tumblr: Andrea4EVP
             Jessica Phan
             Neil Bautista
  • Irvine Queers will also be having elections soon! Nominations will be Week 3 and elections will be Week 4. The board positions available are as follows: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity, and Historian. Other positions such as Fundraising, Outreach and Political Chair are positions which you apply for. We encourage anybody who has enthusiasm for a certain positions to apply or nominate themselves BUT keep in mind that it will be a year long commitment! 
  • FUNDRAISING!!! If you are interested in helping plan fundraising along with tabling and coming up with fundraisers please contact me. An easy way to help IQ is by using Goodsearch. Instead of using Goodsearch or other search engines go to for your "internet inquiries." :) We get money! Just remember to include Irvine Queers under WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR.  (
Last but definitely not least, IQ will be having its quarterly bonfire this FRIDAY!!!!!! Join us at Corona del Mar on Friday, April 6th at 6:00PM. If you need a ride meet at the flagpoles at 5:30. Snacks and drinks will be provided :)

Fundraising and Publicity Chair

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back to School :/ :)

Hello there!

I hope your spring break was fantastically awesome! And if not well, I hope it was at least better than being in school :)

Anywho, since school is just around the corner that means that I.Q. will be having a bonfire! Wooohoo right? Snacks will be provided. It's this Friday. If you need a ride and/or can give a ride please let us know! How? Well post on the wall silly. What wall? This wall -->BONFIRE.

Hope to see you there and at our first Spring Quarter Meeting!!!

I.Q Fundraising & Publicity Chair