Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


That's right guys! It's that time of the quarter! Midterms. Dreaded, dreaded, midterms.

I hope everyone is doing well with their studies?

I will be honest and say that I'm not doing so well hah! Though I think it was obvious that I too was busy last week to post on the blog so....


Well this week, many people still came out to IQ despite midterms. It was a good study break right? This week, IQ had planned a nice educational memory game to help people learn about LGBTQ terms! BUT!!! There was a fire alarm. OH NO!

No. No one was hurt, thankfully.

But that didn't stop us from having fun right?!

Today, IQ was also holding a fundraiser at Gina's Pizza so the fire alarm didn't put down the feeling of relaxation that everyone needed from studying.


CLUB Q IS THIS FRIDAY 10/28 AT THE PHOENIX GRILL!! I hope everyone can come out!!! It will start at 9PM and end at 1AM so come and enjoy a zombie filled dance floor! The theme for this Fall Quarter's Club Q is THRILLER!!! So come dressed as a zombie or even if you don't want to, any costume that makes you in the mood to dance the night away Michael Jackson style!!!!

Watch out for the posters around campus because that's what will keep you reminded about weekly meetings and Club Q!

Hope to see you guys soon!

-Jasmin Guevarra: Publicity Chair 2011-12



1. CLUB Q is happening this FRIDAY 10/28 at the PHOENIX GRILL 9PM – 1AM. Yuri Comb, our lovely Event Coordinator is in need of help with setup, decorations (so i.e. set up committee). Yuri will be at the LGBTQ Resource Center between 11am-12pm and then again at 3pm. They are going to be brainstorming and making posters so help is ALWAYS WELCOMED. Also, if anyone would to put of Club Q posters around campus, there are HUNDREDS of the posters and tape available in the center!

2. TAG TEAM is meeting this WEDNESDAY 10/26 at the LGBTQ RESOURCE CENTER 6PM!!! Come and stop by and see what they are planning for Transgender week!!!

3. If anyone is interested being part of a research project about their coming out experiences, more information is currently being held in the LGBTQ Resource center!

4. Vagina Monologues is holding an audition on NOVEMBER 8TH AND 9TH in room HOB2 130 from 5:30pm – 9:30pm. Even if you can’t act, please audition! If you don’t want to be part of the cast but still want to be involved, positions for crew will be available! This is open for all people and all majors! For more information visit

5. HEY GUYS! IQ is thinking of getting IQ club jackets if anyone is interested!! The jacket will be a black zip-up hoodie with the QPerson as the logo. It will be $25! If you’re interested, please let Amanda Woo know so we can order these awesome jackets!!!!


Hi All!
Tonight we will be playing a game in order to better learn LGBT terminology. We're in Emerald Bay C at 7 pm as always! Also, IQ is having a fundraiser at Gina's Pizza tonight from 5-10pm. Just tell the cashier that you are with Irvine Queers and a portion of the cost will go to us! We'll be going as a group for the meeting's after event as well. I hope to see you there!
-IQ Secretary 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Posters on Campus

Hey guys,

I think many of you know that we’ve posted up posters all around the campus in order to promote IQ and remind people about meeting times so that way no one will be wondering when the next meeting is.

We have a problem though.

Out of all the posters posted around campus, ours have been torn down way before its time to be torn down. I hope this is not too much to ask from you guys but I was wondering if people are willing to help keep an eye out on the posters?

If you see any posters by IQ being torn down indiscriminately, please contact one of the board members as soon as you can!

We can’t consider this a hate crime unless we have proof!

-Jasmin Guevarra: Publicity Chair 2011-2012

Take a stand against bullying!

"Celebrate Spirit Day and wear purple on Thursday, October 20th. Take a stand against bullying TODAY by posting a message to your Facebook page and tweeting your support for #equality and #purple. Click below to get started and we'll help you post some purple to your profile:"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming Out Panel and Announcements

Hey guys~!!!

I hope everyone came out to the coming out panel for this week’s I.Q. meeting because our panelists showed insightful coming out stories. From fully understanding one’s self to coming to terms with one’s cultural background, our panelists showed that not every coming out story will turn out bad. Maybe, they could even be “overly positive.” =]

Well here are the announcements that were given during the meeting if anyone missed out!

BSU: Black Student Union

This club is educational, political and social which is a very inclusive community that also supports our IQ collective and actually has their own queer collective within their org which is known as BQC (Black Queer Collective). It is a space open to all LGBTQ identifying students; Black queer collective constituents as well as llies.

Meetings are at 5pm-6:30pm on Monday in CCC: Ring Room.

For more information, please check out their Facebook group: Black Student Union UCI.

LAFA: La Familla

La Familia (La Fa) is a support group for those who identify with the LGBTQA and the Chican@/Latin@ community. It is a space to explore the intersectionality of culture, education, politics and social life between raza and queer identities. La Familia welcomes and invites our ally brothers and sisters to learn about the struggles our communities face. Most importantly, La Fa provides a safer space to share our experiences and embrace our identities.

We meet Thursdays at 5 at the Center

Queer Kids On The Block Casting:

Despite the fact that there are only two roles available at the moment, if you are interested in acting in this at all, please show up. Just chat with us about why you’d wanna do this and keep in mind that every episode features guests. Perhaps we can even add characters as more people become interested! Casting tomorrow (Wednesday 10/12)  in Courtyard Study Lounge Room 8 anytime between 5pm to 8pm. Drop by!

Facebook Event page:

Facebook Group:

Club Q Committee:

Yuri here, just calling all volunteers who would like to help out at Club Q! Club Q is our annual dance party held at the Phoenix Grille, and is the event of the quarter. If you are interested in making decorations, helping set up and tear down, and just being involved, come chat with me after IQ this week or send me an email. I will be setting up a committee that will meet once a week for the next two weeks (and twice the week of Club Q) at the LGBT center. Times TBA.

This will also be sent out in an email!

Poster Committee:

I’m going to be making posters from 12pm - 1:30pm~ish Wednesday 10/12 at the Poster room if anyone would like to join. I also need volunteers to take over for Thursday as well that way we are able to spread the word that IQ DOES have meetings every week~!!! Please come and help out! It would be much appreciated. Send me an email or reply to the one that will be sent out!

Fundraiser Committee:

Anaiz needs help with creating and doing fundraisers! (Sorry if this spiels sucks but) If anyone is interested in helping IQ raise money, please talk to or email Anaiz!

Thursday, October 6, 2011



QUAC and UC Rebel Radio are having a fundraiser / party to raise money for their respective projects! Printing zines and running a radio station cost moolah, something the editors and radio hosts don’t have too much of :[!! We are also raising money for local bands and organizations who are totally rad and do awesome work for all of our communities :]!

I believe today is the mandatory event for their rush. If you need any information, please contact one of the members. Sorry I’m not that helpful with this information >.<

A transgender, progressive, queer questioning and any of the sort support group. Please contact Christien Rodriguez for more details.

All information has been posted already but if you have any more questions about the web series, please contact Anabelle Tag or Anaiz Alegria.

That’s right. Next week is coming out week! Hopefully everyone comes out to support! For more information for events for this week, please contact Amanda Woo or anyone from the LGBTQ center!

If anyone is interested in creating posters for the club please contact me or any of the board members as we are trying remind you all when meetings are just in case you guys forget!! It would be much appreciated. 

My apologies for not getting this out sooner. But hopefully this is helpful!

Best regards,

Jasmin Guevarra: Publicity Chair 2011-2012


In case you weren't able to attend the last two meetings, we are making a web miniseries! It's made to embody the queer community. We need actors and actresses AND volunteers. If you are interested in participating in the web mini series contact me (Anaiz) or Anabelle so we can add you to the group. Our info is found below. Auditions start next week and a location is TBA.


Blog Entry 02

Hi guys~!!!

Yeah. I know. I said I would update every Sunday but hey, I'm busy too. But I will apologize for not keeping you all updated as I promised I would! SORRY!!!!

Well enough with the apologies.

Did you guys have fun at last week's meeting? Week 1 that is!

It was long but remember that we were just showing who we were. IQ is meant to fit your needs and that was the message we were trying to convey to you guys in our first meeting. I'm glad that a lot of you guys came out for that!!!

After our introductions, we played telephone charades. And whew, did it get crazy! People came up with the most interesting things when we were playing. I hope everyone had fun though. The laughter at the end told me you guys did!

We always have an after event at Cha For Tea which I know is pretty late for many of you but I hope you guys come to some of them in the near future after meetings! For those who did go, thank you for coming!

This week's meeting was... SPEED FRIENDING!

Speed friending is like speed dating without the obligation to go on a date with anyone (well, that's all up to you  that is). And I hope you guys made friends from that!

Yeah, I know. The blurb is pretty short for now but please enjoy it!

Soon I will be post upcoming events that were mentioned in the meeting so look out for that!

Best regards,

Jasmin Guevarra: Publicity Chair 2011-2012

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi All!

In tonight's meeting, we will be speed friending! It's kind of like speed dating, but with friends! We are still in Emerald Bay C and we will be meeting at 7 pm. Refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you all there!

-Sophie Punkar: Chair 2011-2012

Monday, October 3, 2011

IQ Meeting~

There's an IQ meeting this Tuesday at 7pm! Come join us!!! We meet in Emerald Bay C located just below the Student Center! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the board members. We are open to mostly anything and everything!

The red circle indicates where we are located!!!
-Jasmin Guevarra, Publicity Chair 2011-2012


Hello Everyone! So as I announced last week, a few of us feel there is a need for a Queer People of Color space on our campus, and I just want to gauge interest in the IQ community. We are wanting to set up structure and purpose of this group as democratically as possible, so if any of you are interested, please email me at "," and we will go from there. There will also be a facebook group coming soon!

Thanks all!
Christien Rodriguez

Peer Connections, UC Irvine LGBTRC's anonymous online peer support program, is back for 2011-2012!

Peer Connections chats available for current UCI students who may have questions or need support around LGBTQQIA issues like coming out, building community, relationships, family, etc.  without having to leave the comfort of your room/home/apartment/dorm!!

Chats are held on Mondays of weeks 2-9 each quarter from 5-7pm.  You can log on from anywhere to get your LGBTQQIAA questions answered by our queer peer discussion leaders.

For more information or to register to participate, please visit or contact the Peer Connections Coordinator at


Why hello there beautiful people! I.Q has a goodsearch account. So if you like/love I.Q. and would like/love to support us use goodsearch! Next time you want to use google go to and type in Irvine Queers for WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR and money will go to I.Q for each search. We’re a great cause and we’d appreciate it!!! 

-Anaiz Alegria: Fundraising Chair 2011-2012