Tuesday, October 25, 2011



1. CLUB Q is happening this FRIDAY 10/28 at the PHOENIX GRILL 9PM – 1AM. Yuri Comb, our lovely Event Coordinator is in need of help with setup, decorations (so i.e. set up committee). Yuri will be at the LGBTQ Resource Center between 11am-12pm and then again at 3pm. They are going to be brainstorming and making posters so help is ALWAYS WELCOMED. Also, if anyone would to put of Club Q posters around campus, there are HUNDREDS of the posters and tape available in the center!

2. TAG TEAM is meeting this WEDNESDAY 10/26 at the LGBTQ RESOURCE CENTER 6PM!!! Come and stop by and see what they are planning for Transgender week!!!

3. If anyone is interested being part of a research project about their coming out experiences, more information is currently being held in the LGBTQ Resource center!

4. Vagina Monologues is holding an audition on NOVEMBER 8TH AND 9TH in room HOB2 130 from 5:30pm – 9:30pm. Even if you can’t act, please audition! If you don’t want to be part of the cast but still want to be involved, positions for crew will be available! This is open for all people and all majors! For more information visit www.vdayuci.com

5. HEY GUYS! IQ is thinking of getting IQ club jackets if anyone is interested!! The jacket will be a black zip-up hoodie with the QPerson as the logo. It will be $25! If you’re interested, please let Amanda Woo know so we can order these awesome jackets!!!!

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