Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming Out Panel and Announcements

Hey guys~!!!

I hope everyone came out to the coming out panel for this week’s I.Q. meeting because our panelists showed insightful coming out stories. From fully understanding one’s self to coming to terms with one’s cultural background, our panelists showed that not every coming out story will turn out bad. Maybe, they could even be “overly positive.” =]

Well here are the announcements that were given during the meeting if anyone missed out!

BSU: Black Student Union

This club is educational, political and social which is a very inclusive community that also supports our IQ collective and actually has their own queer collective within their org which is known as BQC (Black Queer Collective). It is a space open to all LGBTQ identifying students; Black queer collective constituents as well as llies.

Meetings are at 5pm-6:30pm on Monday in CCC: Ring Room.

For more information, please check out their Facebook group: Black Student Union UCI.

LAFA: La Familla

La Familia (La Fa) is a support group for those who identify with the LGBTQA and the Chican@/Latin@ community. It is a space to explore the intersectionality of culture, education, politics and social life between raza and queer identities. La Familia welcomes and invites our ally brothers and sisters to learn about the struggles our communities face. Most importantly, La Fa provides a safer space to share our experiences and embrace our identities.

We meet Thursdays at 5 at the Center

Queer Kids On The Block Casting:

Despite the fact that there are only two roles available at the moment, if you are interested in acting in this at all, please show up. Just chat with us about why you’d wanna do this and keep in mind that every episode features guests. Perhaps we can even add characters as more people become interested! Casting tomorrow (Wednesday 10/12)  in Courtyard Study Lounge Room 8 anytime between 5pm to 8pm. Drop by!

Facebook Event page:

Facebook Group:

Club Q Committee:

Yuri here, just calling all volunteers who would like to help out at Club Q! Club Q is our annual dance party held at the Phoenix Grille, and is the event of the quarter. If you are interested in making decorations, helping set up and tear down, and just being involved, come chat with me after IQ this week or send me an email. I will be setting up a committee that will meet once a week for the next two weeks (and twice the week of Club Q) at the LGBT center. Times TBA.

This will also be sent out in an email!

Poster Committee:

I’m going to be making posters from 12pm - 1:30pm~ish Wednesday 10/12 at the Poster room if anyone would like to join. I also need volunteers to take over for Thursday as well that way we are able to spread the word that IQ DOES have meetings every week~!!! Please come and help out! It would be much appreciated. Send me an email or reply to the one that will be sent out!

Fundraiser Committee:

Anaiz needs help with creating and doing fundraisers! (Sorry if this spiels sucks but) If anyone is interested in helping IQ raise money, please talk to or email Anaiz!

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