Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday 1/17 Update :]

Hello lovelies!

I know, I know. It's not Sunday night or Monday morning. I lied. I am posting today because I'm excited! Don't hate :]
 Alrighty then let's get on task.

Thank you to all who attended the meeting today. Hope you all enjoyed the Ramen Social. Now in case you didn't pay attention to the announcements or spaced out like I do in class, here they are!


*QUAC a queer/trans (maga)zine at UCI is looking for submissions for the 4th issue!  If you want to get involved with the project, please feel free to contact Cameron! Both the editors are graduating this year therefore they are also looking for somebody to take this amazing project under their wing. 
  All issues are available online on their tumblr --> QUAC
  Contact info: cjoe@uci.edu
  Submission infoQUAC Call For Submissions #4

(an excerpt from a message provided by Kaia)
This Thursday there will be a protest at UC Riverside during the regents meeting. Transportation will be provided. Trans people from other schools are going so in case you feel worried about your safety and would like to attend contact Kaia. 

WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN THERE: Open mic and rally to protest disinvestment in education, tuition increases, higher student debt, bloated University administration, declining educational quality at UC the UC Regents’ accountability for the current crisis, and the lack of transparency in Regents’ meetings and decisions.

For more details contact Kaia.
  Contact info: khamaro@gmail.com

The Humanities department is having budget cuts! Starting next week on Thursday at 6PM at Humanities Hall 105 there will be meetings addressing these cuts. Meetings will be every other week (odd weeks). 
Here is their facebook --> UCI Humanities Student Meeting

I.Q Sweatshirts are on sale! They cost $25. They will be black zip-up hoodies which will contain Qu Person on the left chest. Money is needed by the end of NEXT WEEK! Cash or checks are accepted. Make all checks payable to Amanda Woo. The $25 can be turned in to Amanda during the next meeting or to Genice, David or someone at the front desk of the LGBT Resource Center.

I.Q needs volunteers! If interested in volunteering for events, fundraisers and/or poster making please email me. In the email include your name and what you'd be interested in volunteering for. Next week I will be holding a fundraiser. I.Q will be selling floats so please let me know by Friday if you would like to help fundraiser and if not then stop by to say hello/purchase a yummy delicious float, made with love.
 Contact info: annieyaya92@gmail.com

That's all folks,
 Anaiz :]
 Fundraising Chair

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