Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello wonderful, gorgeous, fantastic people!
Here is the weekly update. :]
Starting today I will be posting all the announcements, or at least most of them, sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning. It's just easier for me to gather all the information. Unfortunately this update will be somewhat rough. Details will probably be missing and I apologize. NOW, if you would like to include any announcements on this blog please email me! Send me an email containing the who, what, where, why and when and I will post it on here. Email is

During the meeting last week we had an interesting game of bingo. It was no ordinary bingo game. It was PEOPLE BINGO! We had a few winners but only one was able to get a free movie ticket to Thursday's event. (Whoever was the first to hand in their completed BINGO sheet to Amanda received a free movie ticket to the Dollar Theater Movie Night.) To all those who attended Movie Night @ The Dollar Theater, I hope you had fun. I sure did.

And now for the announcements :]

Delta Lambda Phi is rushing! It's a greta fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men. For more info on their rushing events check out their Facebook.
Delta Lambda Phi

A couple of people are trying to start up Queer and Asian. Contact Genice for more info.

Do you love vaginas? Do you find them interesting or complex? Are you in some way...fascinated by them? Hopefully you get where I'm heading. The Vagina Monologues needs volunteers and crew members! It's a wonderful cause. I'm stage manager and our lovely I.Q Treasurer is Executive Producer so contact either of us!

I.Q Sweatshirts are on sale! They cost $25. They will be black zip-up hoodies which will contain Qu Person on the left chest. Money is needed by WEEK 3! Cash or checks will be accepted. Make them payable to Amanda Woo. Turn the $25 to Amanda during meetings or to Genice, David or someone at the front desk of the LGBT Resource Center.

Now last but NOT least I.Q needs volunteers! If interested in volunteering for events, fundraisers and/or poster making email me! Include in the email your name and what you'd be interested in volunteering for :] Same email as above. 

Well that is all my fellow lovelies. Hope your winter break was fantabulous! Hope to see you all at this week's meeting at 7 in Emerald Bay C :] 

P.S! In case hanging out with a bunch of awesome people isn't a big enough reason to come to our meeting this week THEN you should come out for FREE FOOD! This week we will be having a ramen social :] Yumm yumm.

 Fundraising Chair  

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