Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hello lovely birds!

Hope your weekend was spectacular!


  • Western Regionals are on the 24, 25, and the 26 of this month! It's a statewide queer conference. It will be in Stockton this year but I.Q members are awesome and usually try to arrange some form of carpool. Apply online by THIS WEDNESDAYWestern Regionals
  • Also the meeting today will be held in a different location. Head over to Doheny Beach C. Today is a pajama social so bring your comfy sleep jams :]
  • If interested in buying an I.Q Sweatshirt please bring $25 to the meeting to give to Amanda. 
  • Club Q is this FRIDAY!!!!!!! Make sure to come. It will be awesome! We will have non-alcoholic drinking games! You will get a chance to win a date with some of our awesome board members (yes I will be an option). If you are single and ready to mingle, ATTEND. If you are dating and would love to get your boogie on, PLEASE ATTEND! The theme is Forbidden Love; A Valentine's Affair.
That is all.
See ya!

-Anaiz :]

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